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Creating a Simple Phone Book with Java

For the last two years almost all of my projects are written in JavaScript. I am familiar with other languages, I have taken a few courses at the community college, one in Python and the other in Java. This summer I decided to take another course, Advanced Java. We are using Java – An Introduction […]

How to Code a Google Calendar Appointment Booking System

Kurt Kaiser Code Tutorial Teacher

Need an appointment booking system for Google Calendar? Daring enough to look at a bit of code? This program enables people to be able to make appointment requests using a Google Form. After the user hits submit the program checks for conflicting calendar events. If there are conflicts, the user receives an email asking them […]

Search a Google Sheet for Duplicates with this Macro

Being a teacher I often am working with datasets that contain hundreds or even thousands of rows of information. I need to be able to easily locate duplicate data within spreadsheets, it is an essential tool for me. In this tutorial I continue to build upon the find duplicate program I have been working on. […]

Google Sheets: Menus and Prompts in Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script is endlessly versatile. Automating small and large tasks makes working within Google Sheets more convenient. However, it is difficult to share your work with those that aren’t familiar with coding. User interfaces solve this problem. Thankfully Google makes it easy to create menus and prompts that appear on spreadsheet itself, meaning there […]