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Google Sheets: Find Duplicates in Spreadsheet Columns and Rows

Need to easily find duplicates in Google Sheets? This is a critical feature, not finding a good alternative, I built my own. In this tutorial I continue to work on the duplicates program from my last video.  I added the ability to scan a row or a column for duplicated data, making the application more […]

Google Apps Script: Find Duplicates in Sheets

Locating duplicate data is a basic need while working with spreadsheets. Honestly, I was surprised that Google Sheets did not have a tool to locate duplicates built into it. There are a few paid add-ons. Not being impressed with them, I decided to build my own. This project is focused on locating duplicate data within […]

Excel Macro Tutorial: Combine Data Sets Using ID Numbers

Lately I have been using Excel for some larger datasets I have been working on. Obviously it is more powerful than Google Sheets, it handles larger data sets with ease. Anything done with Google Sheets and Apps Scripts has to go through numerous servers, this limits the type and kind of tasks we can do […]

Google Apps Script Calendar Reservation Confirmation Email for Events

Having automated event creation using submissions through Google Form, it is helpful to have those submitting requests receive a confirmation email. This is part three of my reservation project, part 1 makes the calendar event and part 2 checks for event conflicts. Now on part 3, this code  sends an email using another G Suit Service, […]