Mr. Kaiser's Coding Website

About Code Club

Parthum's Code Club

  • Where: Library
  • When: Every Tuesday from 3:00 to 4:00pm
  • Can I join?
    • Any and all students are welcome!
    • No official sign up, just come to a meeting.
    • Students can join at anytime during the year, Sept - June
    • Students don't need to know anything about coding.
  • Who sponsors Code Club? 
    • Mr. Kaiser leads Code Club
    • He teaches in the computer lab
    • He is huge computer nerd (about Mr. Kaiser)
  • Missed all or part of a meeting?
    • No worries! 
    • Attend whenever you can!


  • What do students learn?
    • Students are given a variety of sites to learn from
    • No particular language is forced on students
    • Students explore their interests at their own pace
  • What sites are used to learn coding?
    • Scratch (link)
      • Visual programming language
      • Created by Harvard and MIT
    • Codacademny (link)
      • Free interactive too with a variety of languages
      • Step by step hands on tutorials
    • Code Combat (link)
      • Game based tutorial on JavaScript


Still have questions? Go see Mr. Kaiser.